Market leader in the environmentally-friendly production of paper.
Steinbeis Papier GmbH.

Steinbeis Papier operates one of the most modern paper recycling factories in Europe. The company has more than 40 years of experience in the ecologically integrated production of paper. At its factory in Glückstadt near Hamburg, more than 300,000 tonnes of recycled paper are produced every year from 100% recovered paper – with minimum emissions, and in an energy-efficient and resource-saving process. Our range of office papers, magazine papers and digital printing papers are certified by leading environmental protection and consumer protection agencies.

Paper made from Paper.

We supply Europe with recycled paper.

Paper 4.0 is a multi-purpose range for modern office management, for businesses, administrative bodies and local authorities. Steinbeis' customers come from all parts of Europe.

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Our growth is anchored in sustainability.

As a business division of Steinbeis Holding, our aim is to increase the market share for environmentally-friendly paper and encourage our target groups to increasingly transition to use recycled paper.

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We recycle raw materials.

Sustainability down the entire value chain: Steinbeis uses nothing but locally sourced recovered paper as raw material for its production process.


We've been protecting resources for 40 years.

Fewer CO2 emissions, reduced water and energy consumption, 100% protection of resources – Steinbeis' life-cycle assessment in the manufacture of paper is impressive.

Environmental benefits


Processing recovered paper without chemicals which pollute the environment or damage health.

Using pulp from recovered paper as part of the waste management cycle and recycling process makes economic sense. Given the increasing shortage of raw materials, secondary resources are what safeguard productivity in paper factories. In order to process recovered paper without using chlorine-based bleaching agents or harmful substances, Steinbeis has developed an environmentally-friendly process which produces high-quality paper in a whiteness range from ISO 70 to ISO 100.

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Award-winning and certified.

Companies and consumers are increasingly focussing on the importance of acting responsibly towards the environment and protecting resources. Steinbeis paper is produced sustainably – as certified by leading ecolabels.

Steinbeis Holding's commitment to the environment.

There are numerous cutting-edge advantages to producing paper in a manner which is environmentally friendly down the entire procurement, production and value chains. The potential for growth in the paper industry centres around sustainably produced paper. Steinbeis Holding supports the closed loop cycle in the production of paper.

Closed loop recycling

Investments in the closed loop recycling industry

Steinbeis Holding.

Steinbeis Holding holds stakes in pioneering companies from the lead markets of environmental engineering and resource efficiency. The aim of the company is to support intelligent solutions which help to ensure that raw materials are handled in a responsible manner, and safeguard not only sustainable management in the industry, but also quality of life for future generations.