Protect the environment and resources.
Get value for money.


Reduce your carbon footprint.

Steinbeis paper is certified by leading ecolabels and consumer protection labels. These guarantee that paper is produced in accordance with stringent environmental and qualitative criteria, that 100% recovered paper is used in production, and that no chlorine-based bleaching agents, optical brighteners or chemicals which are harmful to health or the environment are used in the production process. In this respect, paper made by Steinbeis acts as a high-quality tool for energy efficiency, resource protection and environmental protection. In addition, you can improve your LCA thanks to your sustainable use of paper. 

How you benefit yourself and the environment.

  1. 1.Higher than average reduction of CO2 emissions for water and energy consumption.
  2. 2.100% protection of resources Thanks to the eco-efficient production process and the characteristics of the paper, you help to preserve biodiversity.
  3. 3.Environmentally friendly. No chlorine-based bleaching agents or chemicals which are harmful to health or the environment.
  4. 4.Steinbeis' outstanding LCA results can help companies to further reduce their own carbon footprint, strengthening their market position long-term.

Benefit from advantageous procurement conditions.

As a commercial enterprise, cutting-edge quality and profitability are important cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. Only in this manner can we invest in innovative technology which ensures that our production remains eco-efficient in the future. These aspects are also essential in order for us to offer our customers reliable deliveries and stable prices – despite fluctuations on the market for secondary raw materials.


  1. 1.Enjoy access to a reliable supply chain management, an efficient sales department and a logistics strategy which delivers the goods exactly when you need them.
  2. 2.Stability: we offer reliable production, reliable delivery and stable prices – even when market prices for secondary raw materials fluctuate.
  3. 3.Thanks to the high quality of our Fusion 4.0 range, you can reduce your paper and printing costs.
  4. 4.Transition: making the change to Steinbeis paper couldn't be simpler. Users can rely on equivalent quality in all relevant areas.
  5. 5.You'll be using an alternative which makes economic sense and is excellent value for money.

Image bonus:

  • Cost-neutral environmental programme: by using Steinbeis paper, companies and institutions can tap into the outstanding LCA values that Steinbeis achieves with regard to CO2 emissions and water and energy consumption, compared to the production of fresh fibre paper.
  • Companies can exploit these values to reduce their own carbon footprint and strengthen their market position long-term. You can include the amounts of energy, water and CO2 we save in your annual sustainability report: using Steinbeis' Blue Angel certified paper reduces your carbon footprint even further.
  • Magazine paper: enter the world of green publishing and present your readers with environmentally-friendly magazines that look and feel as good as ever – and at the same time promote awareness for eco-aesthetics.