The Paper 4.0 generation.
Office- and Professional-Printing-Paper.


Contemporary range of papers.

An ever-increasing number of consumers, purchasing agents and decision makers are opting for recycled paper. Recycled paper is establishing itself as a sustainable and economical alternative to fresh fibre paper for businesses, publishing houses, government offices and local authorities. Steinbeis Paper 4.0 is the ideal synthesis of modern technology, environmental awareness and value for money. We offer: multi-purpose, high quality Paper 4.0 office paper in whiteness grades up to CIE 147, Paper 4.0 Charisma, magazine paper for offset printing and Steinbeis Fusion 4.0, an attractively priced digital printing paper.

Steinbeis office paper

Steinbeis Paper 4.0 – the multitasker range.

High performance, with excellent paper feeding qualities: office paper for high copy requirements, with excellent print results. Paper 4.0 office paper plays in the premier league when it comes to sustainable, state-of-the-art technology. At the same time, users make a positive impact on the environment by saving energy and protecting resources, the environment and the climate.



  • ClassicWhite
  • TrendWhite
  • PureWhite
  • EvolutionWhite
  • PremiumWhite
  • MagicColour

Suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • For printers, photocopiers, fax machines, postprocessing
  • For images, diagrams, presentations, correspondence
  • For duplex, b/w, colour, pictures, text

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Steinbeis magazine paper

The web offset range of paper for premium print results.

With their Charisma Silk and Charisma Brilliant collections, Steinbeis presents premium quality coated offset paper with convincing output parameters for achieving excellent print results. The recycled coated fine paper Steinbeis Select is at the top end of the spectrum of high-performance paper for the outside and inside pages of high-quality print items.



  • Charisma Silk
  • Charisma Brilliant
  • Steinbeis Select

Areas of application::

  • For high print runs and low-emission printing processes
  • For magazines, catalogues, customer magazines and employee magazines
  • For brochures, supplements and company publications
  • For high-quality print items (outside and inside pages) with a high image content

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Steinbeis Digital Printing Paper

Steinbeis Fusion 4.0 – our best value paper.

Steinbeis Fusion 4.0 is a modern paper concept for digital printing. The special paper in 65 g/m² and 80 g/m² is available in CIE 85 whiteness level, on rolls or as sheets. With the addition of Fusion 4.0 to its range, Steinbeis provides a competitively priced solution for professional printing applications.



  • Steinbeis Fusion 4.0 – CIE 85

Areas of application:

  • Transaction prints 
  • Commercial prints
  • Advertising mail
  • Magazines / catalogues
  • Books

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