Business model based on the principles of
closed loop recycling and sustainability.

About Us

New standards.

When it made the transition from traditional paper manufacture to operating an ecologically integrated, state-of-the-art paper recycling factory, Steinbeis set new standards. By using recovered paper as a raw material in the industrial value chain and aligning the entire manufacturing process with sustainability standards, the company became an "environmental pioneer" in the industry. Today, the company is a market leader in Europe with its recycled graphic paper, manufactured 100% from recovered paper.


Raw materials management.

From the procurement of recovered paper as a raw material through production to delivery of the finished products, the entire process is ecologically balanced. In practical terms, this involves maximum protection of resources, efficient energy management, innovative technology and a tailored strategy for procuring raw materials. By using paper made by Steinbeis, customers benefit from our outstanding life-cycle assessment, reliable delivery and stable prices.

Business model

Recycling is more than simply an industrial process. It's a basic principle: meeting the demand on commercial and consumer markets whilst safeguarding resources long-term. With the production of sustainable and extremely future-proof products, Steinbeis makes an economic contribution to protecting the environment, climate, and resources. And to achieving national and international climate protection goals for consumers.




Track Record.

The manufacture of recycled paper is based on an efficient use of resources, efficient energy use (low-emission), a closed water cycle, waste recycling and the strict criteria dictated by the Blue Angel certification board. Our company is a highly efficient market leader with an impressive life-cycle assessment.

Ulrich Feuersinger

Managing Director,
Steinbeis Papier GmbH

Achim Biston

Head of HR and General Administration

Fred Warmann

Head of Technical Management

Thomas Kühl

Head of Finance, Accounting and Controlling

Werner Reinhold

Head of Project Management

Dr. Michael Hunold

Head of new processes

Jan Geier

Head of Supply Chain Management

Thomas Denk

Head of Production

Ulrich Middelberg

Head of IT

Benjamin Höckendorf

Head of Sales

Michael Söffge 

  • Chairman
  • Managing Director of Steinbeis Holding GmbH

Franz Winterer

  • Member of the Board of Directors for Steinbeis Holding GmbH

Jörg Warnke 

  • Managing Director for Steinbeis Energie GmbH 

Stephanie Ecker 

  • Partner in Steinbeis Holding GmbH 

Maximilian Steinbeis

  • Partner in Steinbeis Holding GmbH 

Steinbeis Papier belongs to the Steinbeis Holding Group. Regional roots, durability and traditional values are key characteristics of the Group, which focuses on sustainable fields of business.

Figures & Facts

303167  tonnes

Production of office / magazine paper

186.4  million

Turnover in euros



46.6 %

Proportion of exports



102 Mio. €

Balance in euros